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In ImpriWars, a company dedicated to the manufacture, sale and distribution of products for wargames. Passionate gamers who love this hobby. From carrying cases to scenery, motion trays, pedestals, accessories and adapters, each of our products reflects our passion and knowledge for war games.

Advised by a wide community of players. Their ideas and innovations are at the heart of every product they develop. Therefore, they are always open to listen to new ideas and suggestions. If you have any proposals for a new product or just want to share your thoughts, we encourage you to get in touch with them.

They strive every day to support and grow the community of wargame players. For them, there is nothing more rewarding than watching our common passion expand and flourish. That's why they support and sponsor numerous events and tournaments across the country.

But beyond their passion for wargames, they are committed to quality and dedication in their work. Every detail counts and they strive to offer products of the highest quality. But the most important thing for them is dealing with our customers. Your satisfaction is the main motivation and they strive every day to exceed your expectations.

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